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Is Portland still weird or is it refined?

source: Tim O’Rourke, San Jose Mercury News One of the mantras in Oregon’s biggest city is “Keep Portland Weird,” and its residents are doing an admirable job — from the food-cart clusters to the anti-establishment murals to the 24-Hour Church of Elvis. During a recent trip up north, we wondered: Has P-Town polished up its […]


“Portlandia” Seasons 4 and 5 Coming Early 2014, 2015 Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein return with their wonderfully unique rendering of Portland, OR. This season, they’ll be joined by a slew of notable new guest stars including Chloë Sevigny as Fred and Carrie’s new roommate, and returning favorites such as Kyle MacLachlan as Portland’s lovable […]

Keep Portland Weird

What’s weird about Portland? Keep Portland Weird is about supporting local business in the Portland Oregon area. We want to support local business because they make Portland stand out from other cites and make it a more unique place to live. They do this by providing consumers a wide range of products that represent the […]

Music Millennium

Music Millennium It was The Ides of March, March 15th of 1969, when Don MacLeod, his wife Loreen and brother in law Dan Lissy first opened an 800 square foot record store on the corner of 32nd & East Burnside. Specializing in mostly underground music not found in the department stores, drugstores or the couple […]